First attempt at a rage comic :P

Getting on the internet meme train, this is a regular occurrence so thought I’d put it in Rage Comic form!

Furniture Removals Dublin rage


Pay and Display Experiment

So recently some roadworks were completed on a local street which is covered in Pay and Display parking bays. Most bays and markings are still fine but one remains unmarked. Today my friend is in the area and we decided to test it out and park his car without a ticket in the newly surfaced area which had no markings or sign at the time of parking. The wardens are like snakes around here and it’s rare you’d get away with parking without a ticket.

When last winter was upon us and the snow was thick, I was personally told by somebody in the council that my van wouldn’t be clamped as long as the snow remains and the markings aren’t visible. There’s also a UK website I remember dedicated to helping people fight their parking tickets and incorrect markings are a big “get out clause”.

Will update with the result 😉

Pay and Display Experiment


Update: 2.5 hours elapsed with no fine issued. 2.5 hours in this area is akin to a full day in most areas as there’s wardens passing every hour at least. If there’s any further updates I’ll post back 🙂