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Moving Times A little mention and snippet of advice from us in The Sunday Times. Of course if you ever need any other advice, just pop us a mail or give us a quick call!

Google faster slower route

Garmin ~VS~ Google Maps Navigation! – Updated December 2014

When it comes to on the road Navigation, there’s a lot of options both in terms of hardware and software. Garmin, one of the biggest names in navigation is a long standing leader but Google Maps has been making a well deserved name for itself lately and as a driver who covers a lot of […]

van rental dublin

This may be one of the best dash cam videos ever!

This guy will surely think twice about instigating road rage again! I just hope it wasn’t set up, but I don’t think so!

Used Dash Cameras Ireland

Dash Cams – Buy Cheap, Buy Twice? Surprising Change of Opinion

Ok where to start? The above photo is a mix of cameras. 2 DRS1100’s, an iTronics ITB100HD and a Mini 0801. I initially only wanted the best, the DRS1100 are both old and I stopped using them more than a year ago. The DRS1100 was one of the first dash cams and was the best […]

Dublin to Berlin removals

Dublin to Berlin Removals – 5th Floor, No lift = Great exercise!

What better way to stretch the legs after a 2,000km+ drive to Berlin than having to make a 5th floor delivery, with no lift, 90 steps each way and about 40 trips up and down with mattresses, a Budda Bag, desk, table and a load of heavy boxes and miscellaneous items, on my tod! Not […]

Man with a Cam

Man with a Van and a Cam! #1

Here’s my first little Man with a Van and a Cam compilation. Just a few snippets of things I’ve caught driving around what’s mainly Dublin, Ireland. This one includes footage at Lidl and even overtaking a nice Lamborghini on the M50!

Ikea dublin directions

Driving to IKEA Dublin for Deliveries

One of the services offered at VanTasks is our “We Shop, We Drop” service where we’ll go to shop for any bulky items and deliver them direct to you. Doing IKEA Deliveries is certainly the most popular given that IKEA don’t offer any online shopping service, customers can trust us, depositing thousands of Euro for […]

dash cam compare

Mini 0801 -VS- iTronics ITB100HD, Dash Cam Compare

I recently received delivery of another dash cam. The iTronics ITB100HD I had in the van was acting up, sometimes it didn’t turn on properly although there is adequate power getting to it. I tried it in another van which has another ITB100HD in it which is working perfect, so it’s the camera itself and […]

Amyl Piano transport Dublin

Amyl Upright Piano, Delivered!

The Piano on offer in this listing is an Amyl Upright. It’s part iron frame, overdamped and overstrung. I’m not sure of it’s age but the house I collected it from gave it good use as the children were learning to play on it. It has been tuned recently but is in need of another […]

Hamilton Chicago Manualo Upright by Baldwin

The Piano on offer in this listing is a Hamilton Chicago Manualo Upright, by the Baldwin Company. It is full Iron Frame, underdamped and overstrung. I collected this from a community group who didn’t use it regularly enough to warrant keeping it. It hasn’t been tuned in some time but I had a tuner look […]

underage smoking

Man with a van takes cash off minors for smokes, gets them fruit and water instead!

I was filling up the van yesterday and saw 3 young girls asking pretty much everyone who went into the shop, to get them something. I thought it was only a matter of time before somebody did, so why not me? They wanted cigarettes and one girl said they were for her brother who’s 27 […]

merging collision fault

Who would be at fault if two vehicles change to the same lane and collide?

What would happen if the above video ended in two vehicles colliding? From the video you can see I’ve started to change lane before the other driver even indicates, it’s only a matter of milliseconds but if you look at the position the van is facing you’ll see it’s changed from straight on, to a […]

rear end collision blame

No claim against me for rear-end case!

So following on from my previous post where I rear-ended a brand new 2012 Toyota Avensis, a collision where in the vast, vast majority of cases, the driver behind is to blame, the eventual outcome was in my favour. Although I strongly believed the driver in question pulled out far too soon, it was always […]

Be careful who you choose to teach you to drive!

I spotted this driving instructor on the M50 yesterday sitting in the overtaking lane. I gave him a little flash to see if he’d move and a tiny beep driving by too but he seemed completely oblivious. I know it doesn’t seem like much but this is technically a driving offense and you can be […]

Emergency Man With a Van Planning After Blowout!

I had my second sudden blowout yesterday on the way to delivering a load  for a customer. The first one was with the Opel Astra Van which had brand new tyres, the tyre which blew yesterday wasn’t new, but had a huge amount of thread left so wasn’t expected at all. As luck would have […]