Commercial Tax Renewal Heads Up!

There always seems to be some issue every time I go to the tax office. I’ve had to get a declaration stating an Astra coming from private tax to commercial when I bought it was for commercial use, so had to go to the Garda station to get a form stamped etc, that was fine.

My other vans were never requested to have this as they were always taxed as commercial (can you even tax a Transit privately?), as annoying as it is having to go to the tax office every time you want to renew commercial tax, this time I was asked to fill in the same form for the goods declaration and was told they have clamped down on it and the vans needed the same form. Because of this I didn’t get it all done in one day so went back today with everything, or so I thought. Turns out my VAT registration document I had with me wasn’t good enough as it was too old and any tradesman could still have this even if they’ve gone out of business and don’t use their vehicle commercially anymore, so now I need to get something more recent before I can tax it again. There is nothing stated on the form saying it needs to be within the last X months etc.

So that will be day 3 going to the tax office. Why the tax office and revenue can’t communicate with eachother to indeed ascertain that I am in business is beyond me in this day and age, furthermore, why they can’t communicate the validity of my DOE and enable the whole process (bar the once off Garda stamp) to be completed online is also beyond me.