Drink Driving Limit Lowered

Last night, the drink driving limit was lowered in the Dáil.

From RTE.ie:

Thursday, 24 June 2010 08:42

The new lower drink-driving limit was passed in the Dáil last night.

Provision for a new acceptable blood alcohol limit of 50mg, replacing the current 80mg, is contained in the Road Traffic Bill.

The Bill passed through the Dáil last night but was not actually voted on as agreement on its contents was reached on all sides.

The Bill now moves to the Seanad where it is due to be dealt with next week.

The limit for learner and professional drivers has been cut from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 20mg and from 80mg to 50mg for other drivers.

Drivers caught over the limit would receive three penalty points and a €200 fine, if they do not challenge the conviction in court, but they would not receive a driving ban.

As a non drinker, this doesn’t effect me personally at all, but if I was a drinker I don’t think I’d ever be tempted to just have “the one”. It’s good to see it’s not an absolute ZERO though as I’d hate to say no to a lovely meal if it had a nice white wine sauce or even a bit of desert with an alcohol/vanilla flavouring 😀

Will it stop those who knowingly have far too much anyway? Probably not 🙁