Driving to IKEA Dublin for Deliveries

One of the services offered at VanTasks is our “We Shop, We Drop” service where we’ll go to shop for any bulky items and deliver them direct to you. Doing IKEA Deliveries is certainly the most popular given that IKEA don’t offer any online shopping service, customers can trust us, depositing thousands of Euro for goods they need to purchase, knowing they can get same day deliveries anywhere in Ireland.

Some people use our service just to avoid the hassle of going to IKEA even if they live locally, it can be a daunting place. Besides rushing around trying to complete our customers shopping in as little time as possible, dodging the dawdlers, the endless array of kids running between trolleys, trying to find the the scarce staff members if you need help (who are always very helpful when you do find them, there’s just not enough of them!) and then the queues at the till that stretch the length of a few vans worth, there’s also the obstacles in the car park. This is from my last visit 🙂