Dublin to Berlin Removals – 5th Floor, No lift = Great exercise!

What better way to stretch the legs after a 2,000km+ drive to Berlin than having to make a 5th floor delivery, with no lift, 90 steps each way and about 40 trips up and down with mattresses, a Budda Bag, desk, table and a load of heavy boxes and miscellaneous items, on my tod!

Not being able to play basketball the last few days I needed to maintain my fitness and this was perfect. Done and dusted in under 2.5 hours/150 minutes. The box cam is on the last (and lightest) box and it still took about 2 minutes to go one way, with about 40 return journeys, that’s 160 minutes and if you’ve ever tried to move a Budda Bag, you’ll know it’s a little trickier than a box so I had to keep a good pace. Took a swig or two of water and had a slice of dried mango but the chewing got in the way of my breathing so saved the rest until after.