Mini 0801 -VS- iTronics ITB100HD, Dash Cam Compare

I recently received delivery of another dash cam. The iTronics ITB100HD I had in the van was acting up, sometimes it didn’t turn on properly although there is adequate power getting to it. I tried it in another van which has another ITB100HD in it which is working perfect, so it’s the camera itself and not the wiring set up. As I bought it from half way across the world from an eBay seller, I don’t think I have much chance of a return, it was more than a year ago too so I decided to try out the Mini 0801 after it received a positive review from Dash Cam expert Techmoan.

The iTronics was a lot more expensive, after import duties etc it will work out around €200 or so. The Mini 0801 was fulfilled by Amazon so no need to worry about import duties and it came pretty quick too and at a cost of only €70 or so, it’s not too much different than the ITB100HD. It appears a lot darker in the following clip but you can still see pretty much everything that you can in the ITB100HD. The sound also appears to be better on the Mini 0801, or at least louder.