In-Van Entertainment, Free Giveaway! House Moving Dublin-Ireland-UK-Europe!

Playstation 2, SlimlineSo 4 years ago I had an idea that putting a slimline Playstation 2 and a little screen in the van would be a nice addition to my service, especially on longer trips where I’ve customers in the van with me. This would let them play games and watch DVD’s too! How many times was it put to use and make an impressive impression on my customers? None! 🙁

So I’m giving it away free for anyone who wants it. You get a Slimline Playstation 2 and a little monitor (like the ones you fit to the back seats for the kids). Quality is pretty poor but as my friend says, secondary use is the best form of recycling. Unfortunately I gave away 2 perfectly good remote controllers after having forgotten about the Playstation, just last Saturday, but I have another lying around, although it’s not in the best shape!

Available for collection today in Dun Laoghaire/South Dublin area on a first come, first served basis. Pop me a mail, comment on FaceBook or however else you want to get in touch to claim 🙂

In today’s paper, shocking news for the man with the van!

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