When do parking violations cross the line?

pay and display permit

Notice anything wrong with the parking above? I took this photo after a neighbour phoned me to say my car was blocking the entrance to an apartment complex car park. I was on a job at the time and fortunately it was local but I still had to temporarily abandon it to return to move the car, thinking maybe the handbrake wasn’t applied properly and it rolled back a few feet making it impossible for any cars to enter the car park. The lady on the phone was abrupt and hung up before I even finished speaking so I came back quickly.

It sounded like the same lady who rang me one night around 1am complaining that my van was parked outside her window. Bear in mind this is a public road and my van was parked in a regular pay and display area with a valid permit. Driving back I was hoping it didn’t roll back into another car and cause any damage and that I didn’t get a fine but when I arrived back the above photo is what I was met with, just as I had left it. I turned back around, snapped the photo and quickly drove back to the job, only a 15 minute delay thankfully. I didn’t even move the car.

Now there’s absolutely no obstruction caused by the manner in which my car is parked, I could fit my biggest van into the entrance of the car park no bother. I’m not entirely sure of the legalities of part of the vehicle body extending beyond the marked area of parking so I’m going to pop this on and try find out!