Hamilton Chicago Manualo Upright by Baldwin

The Piano on offer in this listing is a Hamilton Chicago Manualo Upright, by the Baldwin Company. It is full Iron Frame, underdamped and overstrung. I collected this from a community group who didn’t use it regularly enough to warrant keeping it. It hasn’t been tuned in some time but I had a tuner look at it and said it could be tuned to concert pitch. It is in good aesthetic condition and has very few marks. This was once a player/pianola piano but the mechanism has been removed. Baldwin is considered one of the better piano makers and I’ve seen pianos like this listed at around $9,000 when restored with a functioning pianola. The tuner I had assess this, was buying another piano off me at the time, he was buying it to fully do it up and resell in his piano warehouse. He said the Baldwin was actually in better condition than the one he bought but as he is solely buying to resell, he said it would be hard for him to find a buyer due to the size. Depth 72cm, length 162cm and height 145cm. It’s therefore better for me to try and find a buyer direct who would prefer a larger piano and has space for it. You can see the condition of the piano in the video below as well as a demonstration of each key and the innards too. The sustain pedal can be seen working too.

Terms and Conditions:

This is for the sourcing and delivery of this Piano. Please understand that the Piano is delivered as is. Although we have some knowledge of what to look out for when sourcing Pianos and will not acquire any Piano we feel is not playable, we are not piano experts and can not guarantee that every Piano we deliver will not need other repairs and associated costs.
Delivery Information:

As our earnings come from the sourcing and delivery of the Piano, collection is not an option. The minimum fee for our services is €200. This allows for ground floor delivery within a 20km radius of Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin with assistance provided from the buyer upon delivery with no delays or awkward angles to impede delivery Man with a van

For delivery outside the above 20km radius, the fee will be based on distance and time travelled. If there is no assistance provided by the buyer, this will also increase the fee, as will having to move the piano up more than 4 consecutive steps. To get an exact delivery fee for your requirements, simply call 1890 987 996 or 01 440 7505 before placing a bid.
Example cost of ground floor delivery to Cork where assistance is provided by the buyer is €400. The below image indicates the price for a ground floor delivery with customer loading assistance:

Dublin Piano Removals

Moving a Piano is no easy task. As we are experienced in the art of transporting piano’s, this piano will be delivered in a professional manner with specialised piano transporting equipment. Our experience combined with this equipment will keep the risk of damage to floors, doors, walls and indeed people to an absolute minimum. Risk of injury from moving a piano with no experience or equipment is extremely high and costs in medical bills, time off work and the pain itself are simply not worth the risk. Our minimum delivery price is on par with what most professional piano movers charge for delivery alone, without providing the piano too!

**Please note that all Pianos require tuning after being moved. It is recommended to tune a Piano approximately one month after delivery. This allows time for the wood to adapt to the temperature of it’s new location. We do not offer a tuning service but we can suggest highly recommended professional tuners. Tuning costs are in the region of €110 so please consider this cost when committing to a Piano.**